With the Basic subscription trial, you can benefit from the backoffice functionalities offered in the Basic subscription for 6 months. After the trial period the Basic subscription is automatically renewed for a duration of 24 months. If you aren't as excited about our backoffice as we are, we ask you to submit your cancellation at least 1 month in advance.

Follow the steps to set up the charging station correctly.

1. The charging station is set to charge for free so you can start charging even if the charging card has not yet been received. You can start the charging session by swiping an RFID tag or card (e.g. OV-Chip card or access drop) in front of the charging station.

2. Charge card received? Add the card to the whitelist.

3. Invoicing data: we would like to receive the invoicing data. You can fill them out at: https://www.e-flux.nl/factuurgegevens/ Thank you! 😀

During these first 6 months you can benefit from our subscription free of charge! While in this trial period we will not charge any costs for the usage of our backoffice and will solely bill the purchased electricity.

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