Follow the steps to set up the charging station correctly

1. Set up the charging rate and your bank account. Check the instructions here.

2. Charge card ordered from E-Flux, but not yet received? We can set up the charging station so that you can charge. Please contact us via [email protected]

3. Charge card received? Activate the card via and use it to start and stop your charging sessions.

4. Check how to put charge cards on the whitelist. Please note: if you want to automatically charge your employer, you don't need to place your charge card on the whitelist.

5. Invoice data: Let us know to whom we can invoice the subscription costs and whether payment must be made by direct debit or invoice.

Do you have a charging station with a fixed cable? We can set-up the charging station in such a way that you no longer need to swipe the charge card, but the charging session starts automatically when the charging cable is plugged in. This is billed through a one time payment of €15.13 incl. VAT. Please contact us via [email protected] if you want to utilize this option.

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