The visitorslist is a list of charge cards that are authorized to start a session on your charging station. A charging session authorized by means of a visitation pass is registered in your account at a zero rate.

You can add a charging pass/tag to your visitorslist by:

Choose option 1, if you don't know your UID number of the chargecard.

Choose option 2, if you know your UID number of the chargecard.

Option 1:

1. Check 'Free Charging' under device > configuration.

a. This can be found by clicking on your station;

b. Then click on devices;

c. Select the device on which you want to load;

d. Set the authorization to 'Free charging'

2. Start a 1-minute charging session with your charging card.

3. Go to sessions and click on the charge card icon then choose 'Add to whitelist'.

Option 2:

1. The UID consists of 14 digits. Fill these out in the space designated for UID (for example: 04722A32E56280).

2. Write the number of the charge card and a description under the 'description' field (for example: company x - card 12)

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