Click 'Overview' and check the current version of firmware. Contact the manufacturer and check which firmware is fit to be uploaded based on charge point model and current version of firmware. To upload the firmware you can subsequently click 'Diagnostics' and then 'Upload Firmware'. You can now select a file on your own computer.

Want to know the status? Consult the 'Commands' section. The 'FirmwareStatusNotification' function will bring you up to speed.:

1. Click 'Commands'

2. Filter 'Firmwarestatusnoficiation'

There are six types of notifications:

Downloading - The charg point is downloading firmware

Downloaded - The firmware is downloaded

DownloadFailed - Download failed. Contact the manufacturer or upgrade firmware on sight.

Installing - Firmware is being installed

Installed - Firmware is installed

Installationfailed - Firmware cannot be installed. Contact the manufacturer.

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