An access group is a list of charging passes that are allowed to start a session for free at a charging station. We will explain how you can prepare this as a reseller and how you can assign this to a charging station of a client.

Note: we advise to always let the client add their own access groups

There are two types of access groups:

  • Users: If charging cards (users) are linked to the relevant customer account, then users can easily be added to an access group from this customer account.

  • RFID tags: this can be any card with a RFID chip

1. In the menu, go to Chargers and then CPO / access groups

2. Click on + New Access Group

3. Select the account where the access group belongs to

4. Select the type: users or RFID tags

5. Give the access group a name

6. Choose the visibility. In the event that the access group is set to Private status, then the access group can only be assigned by the account admin to a charging station that belongs to the account. If it is set to Shared status, then all users of the account can assign the access group to the charging stations that they can view.

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