1. Go to "Chargers" and click on "EVSE IDs".

2. Click on "Generate EVSE IDs".

3. Select the right country code. It is important to select the country where the charger will be located, otherwise it can cause problems with the billing.

4. Select the size of the batch of EVSE IDs you want to create and click on "Generate".

5. The EVSE IDs will now be generated. Scroll down and click on "Export All" to export this as CSV-file.

6. When you open the file it will look like below. In column B "identifier" you find the visual EVSE ID (marked in green). In column I "url" is a URL (marked in yellow) that the printing company can convert into a QR-code.

7. It is essential to include "identifier" (marked in green) and the QR-code (converted by the printing company based on the "url" (marked in yellow) on the sticker.

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