A charging station makes contact with the platform via an internet connection and a specific URL. If a charging station is and is under power, you can find it under 'EVSEs' in the menu.

The status is displayed as:

Setup progress = The charging station is tracked in the platform but still needs to be configured via Autowizard (see).

Activation pending = Autowizard is completed and the charging station can be activated by the customer (see FAQ How does my customer register a charging station?)

Setup completed = charging station has been registered by the customer

After the account, the user and the location have been developed, you can also manually set up a charging station with this data. Click on the 'pen icon' for editing and then select:

  • Billing plan (subscription)

  • Account

  • Field Service Account

  • Place

Select the correct roaming settings:

  • Allow charging from other networks: Other charge cards can charge here. Automatic settlement takes place.

  • Have every card charged here for free: every RFID card can start a charging session for free. No settlement will take place.

  • Enter the rates (this is excl. VAT)

  • Assign an access group.

  • Leave the OCPP Authorization Method set to 'None'.

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