If you became a customer before April 26, 2021, then there is a good chance that you have used our 'old platform' to manage your charging station(s). This means that you have used https://my.e-flux.nl/co/ to manage your charging station(s).

Recently, E-Flux migrated all charging stations to the 'new E-Flux eMobility platform', making https://my.e-flux.nl/co/ redundant.

Because https://my.e-flux.nl/co/ will be accessible until February 28, 2022, it is important to download all important export files of your charging sessions and income invoices before this date. After February 28, all the data from the old E-Flux account will be lost.

Download charging sessions

Step 1. Click on “Activity” in the left menu.

Step 2. Click on export which is located right underneath "actions"

(Note: Do not use filters, so that you can successfully export all sessions) and save all the export files properly.

Download income invoices

Step 1. Click on your name at the top right and then click on "Income".

Step 2. Download the income invoices.

If you have any questions about the old portal, then contact us by sending us an email to [email protected].

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