We have developed a new invoicing tool where you can easily run a batch of reimbursement invoices.

Why did we develop this tool?

It sometimes happens that charging stations temporarily do not have an internet connection. Charging can then take place, but the charging sessions will then only be forwarded later. This means that these delayed charging sessions are not included in the billing. Previously, the subsequent invoicing had to be performed manually. E-Flux has automated this to save time. In addition, the process is less prone to errors.

The advantages of this tool:

  • Faster invoicing afterwards

  • A PDF in its own look-and-feel is automatically generated

How does it work:

  • Go to Finance and click on invoices

  • Select Bulk and choose type 'Reimbursement Delayed Sessions'

  • Select the month and year and enter the number of invoices.

Watch the video below to see how the tool works:

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