Are you not in possession of a charge card or have you lost yours? Don't worry! You can easily enable 'free charging' in your charge point. Just log into your E-Flux account and go to 'My Locations'. Select the name of the charge point that needs to have 'free charging' enabled. Select 'Configuration' and click the cog under settings. Check the box that reads 'Allow any card to charge here for free (ignores all cost settings). After clicking 'Update' your charge point will accept anything with an RFID chip without additional payment. This means that you can charge your car using your gymcard, public transport card or even your office access card. These charging sessions will not be reimbursed by E-Flux or your employer which also makes this a great option for those times you host a visitor that needs to charge their EV.

Important side note: If you settle your charging costs with your employer you need to undo this action before charging your corporate car as charging sessions will not be reimbursed meaning your employer will not be held responsible for the energy consumption related to these sessions.

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